Trust is the Entry Fee to Heaven


We are so accustomed to our old way of doing things that we fear the unknown of allowing a new way. Years upon years, generation after generation, lifetime after lifetime; we are conditioned and programmed to choose the way of struggle. We have so much experience in choosing the way of struggle and we have chosen it so many times that we have even blinded ourselves to the truth of another way. It is this ‘other’ way that is now calling to you, offering its hand, and inviting you to join the ride.

Many people have sensed that the Earth and human civilization is on the brink of major change and transition. This has been occurring for many years, but it is even more evident now with the political, social, educational and environmental changes that have affected the planet. These changes and events have worked together to spark an awakening of empowerment and remembrance within the collective consciousness of human society. The changes and events have worked together to ‘ruffle your feathers’, get you out of your comfort zones, begin to work together and to see the vital importance of placing your attention and focus onto the global and environmental issues that so urgently require your attention. These changes and events, although they may appear turbulent in nature, are blessings in disguise which have come to inform you that the time is now to set yourselves free. These changes and events will provide the kindle and the spark to ignite your inner flame.

This series of changes will run like a movie projector projecting flashes of events and scenes at an accelerating rate. Eventually the scenes will flash so fast before your eyes that they will appear almost to be timeless as they flash so fast and merge into one. The result is a transition into a new world.

This new world includes an entirely new way of being, living and doing things. As someone who has chosen the way of struggle, pain and hardship for most, if not all, of your life, it can feel very strange and unfamiliar being asked to step into and surrender to an entirely new way. You are accustomed to maintaining control, of running a tight ship and keeping all in order, and you are now being asked to release these controls and to relax into the ride, trusting that all will be taken care of. You have many fears, and you want to know for sure that all will be taken care of before you hand over your role as captain of the ship.

It is now that I ask you to sincerely assess your journey in the role as captain of the ship. Has it been fulfilling? Has it been easy? Have you found success? Have you lived in love? Have you felt great joy? Have you discovered your dreams; your reasons for being? Have you reached the well of peace, contentment and bliss, and have you drunk from it in plenty?

If your answer was ‘no’ to these questions, I ask you now to be honest with yourself. Take a sincere moment to carry your awareness to the area of your heart, and ask yourself how you have done. The heart is one who cannot lie, your deepest truths only will it supply. In the looking glass of your heart you will see that you have done well. Not only have you done well but you have succeeded and you have exceeded all that was required of you. But you must look to the present moment now, with all you have learnt, and all you have gained. Sweet lessons and memories forever cherished in your soul. But now it is time to expand into something new, and you can see it in the world all around you.

The change is real. Something is underway. You can feel it in your bones, from your head to your toes. You may not know all that is coming, but yet you feel the great unknown. It may feel unfamiliar and new to you, but soon enough you will see it is the only thing to do. As more and more people surrender to the way, the less time and space there is for the old way. Soon enough, the choice between the old and the new, between love and fear, or struggle and play, will integrate and converge into one ever-flowing river. And as all comes from love, with love at the source, all will be transformed into love by the great flowing river.

The new way requires you to be. The new way requires you to play. The new way requires that you use your creative and other capacities. The new way requires that you express and live your gifts. The new way requires transparency; the freedom to be seen, the freedom to be standing in the light. The new way requires that you give thanks, and see the blessing in all you receive.

The new way asks you to surrender the worry and fears of your burdened mind. Sweetly it comes to you as a Divine servant; extending itself and offering to take away all of your worries, frustrations and fears. It knows the true purpose of the mind; and it knows that you will not fulfil yours if you remained attached and plagued by it.

The new way asks you to trust that all will be done in the correct time; that all deeds will be met, all projects undertaken, all tasks completed, all duties fulfilled and then some more. For you will see, and you will be overjoyed when you learn, that even more than you ever believed possible can be achieved in a short time when you are drinking from the endless river of abundant energy known as your soul.

Oh yes, you see; your soul is a river of abundant ever-flowing regenerating vital energy. An infinite reservoir of pure potential – do with it as you please.

For when you live from the heart, you become a mature cosmic citizen whom creation can now entrust with the richness of its eternal being.

Oh yes, you see. It is not only you who needs to trust. It is not only you who needs to surrender control. It is not only you who is surrendering yourself. As you surrender the controls of your egoic human mind, so must creation release its control over the watchtower of your soul. As soon as you emerge from the dark ocean of your unconsciousness, and expand your awareness into the light of the ever-present cosmic day, so you expand your heart and open your awareness to encompass all of creation. You are now back at home within the stars. You are sensing and knowing your oneness with all, and through the eyes of love you now view the world, and through the way of ease you now move through the world. And with this greater awareness of life, creation can now bestow onto you, your gifts that you have so longed and awaited for.

You have released the controls and the old way, and stepped into your role in the new way. You overcame your worries and fears, and saw the deeper value in choosing love over pain.

It is with this great achievement that all of creation now stands before you. Bowing down to you in great chivalry.

Your chores have been done; your medals earned.

You are now ready to travel the universe as an awakened soul – in Your Mastery.

Trust is the entry fee to Heaven.


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