Breatharianism – Living on Light


Breatharianism is also known as inedia or pranic consciousness and it is the ability of the human body to sustain itself on pranic energy alone, without the need for physical sustenance like food and water. Breatharianism is not a new phenomena and it has always existed upon this planet. Many people however find the concept of being able to sustain oneself without food or water simply too far-fetched to believe, and many people deny the validity of such a concept without doing any proper research or investigation into the subject. The world of pranic nourishment has therefore received a lot of ridicule and the belief of the majority of the population is that we require physical sustenance and water to survive. It is my personal opinion that the world should begin to open up to and accept the idea of human beings being able to sustain themselves on pranic energy alone, for there are already many people living in this state of consciousness and this number of people is increasing.

So, what exactly is ‘pranic consciousness’?

Pranic consciousness describes the state of consciousness that a human being attains when they are able to sustain themselves on prana. Prana is light, life-force energy, chi and the universal energy that powers the universe. The physical body as well as the mind and emotions must be very stable and properly purified before it is able to sustain and operate on pranic energy. Prana, or life-force energy, is of a very high vibration, certainly much higher than the physical foods that we eat, and therefore the physical body, mind and emotions must also vibrate at a high frequency in order to be able to utilise the pranic energy. The body must first be reprogrammed or recalibrated before it can use the pure energy.

How can a human being survive on prana instead of food?

As mentioned before, prana is life-force energy and it is this same life-force energy that we seek to obtain from food and water. Living on prana is simply taking ones nourishment directly from the source. The food and water you consume contain prana which has been filtered and stored within the microcosm of that substance, and from which your body draws it out. Those who live on prana and those who take their nourishment from food are both being nourished by the same ‘thing’; the difference is merely in the source from which it is obtained, which in turn affects the purity and vibration of the energy/nourishment.

Why is Breatharianism important for humanity?

Breatharianism is important for a number of reasons and one of these reasons is that it highlights the potential and possibility of the human being and body. Breatharianism pushes our beliefs and the boundaries of what human society has previously thought impossible. Instead of pushing the idea aside as ‘hogwash’, why not look into the wealth of possibilities it opens up for the human body as well as the upliftment and freedom of human society as a whole?

Breatharianism also points to the existence of a higher consciousness/power/energy that is available to us at all times and that which can satisfy and fulfill every human need; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Perhaps one of the most important issues that breatharianism brings to the forefront is the modern human relationship to food. Modern human society has an extremely appalling and unhealthy relationship with food. Food has become an obsession and an addiction and overconsumption is commonplace. Eating has gone from being a conscious and sacred act to something that is taken totally forgranted. Modern human beings eat for emotional reasons such as stress, depression, anxiety or boredom and we have become obsessed with taste and artificial foods as opposed to eating only what is needed and required. Westerners plough food into their mouths at an astounding rate in a continual cycle day after day. The majority of illness and disease present in the world today only came about when human society steered away from natural diets and began to eat artificial foods. If a food is an ‘artificial’ food- it is not a food. For example, we call ‘fake’ plastic leather pleather – and do not refer to it as real leather, therefore, we cannot refer to or even consider ‘artificial’ foods as real food or even food at all.

The ability or capacity to live on light is a very natural ability that is innate within the human body. There is scientific as well as biological information to validate this which I will write more about in the future.

A dietary choice is a personal choice, and we all have our own. Just like some people choose to eat only fruits, or only raw foods, or perhaps choose to only drink liquids- some simply choose to intake light. It is time for us to accept our differences, be they religious, philosophical or food related.

You are a unique individual, and you are surrounded by other unique individuals. Surely, you cannot expect everyone, or even the majority, to think, behave, eat, believe, perceive or feel the same as you. It is time to open up to differences. It is time to open up to what you previously thought was impossible, and at least give it a chance.

If you can’t open up to what is possible, how will you open up to what is possible for your own life?


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