The Shift in Consciousness

The human consciousness as a whole is unfolding, exposing, remembering and awakening. Those who have never been spiritually-inclined, who have been experiencing years upon years of worry, stress and work and who have always thought that the point of life was to make money and conform- these people will be experiencing a transformation of their own, only it will happen in a different way compared to those who are more aware of what is happening to the world and themselves. Some of these people seem to be making their lives harder and pushing themselves to the point that they simply cannot carry on in the same way anymore. It is as if they are taking the life that they have chosen to the max, getting all of the possibilities out so that they can ask themselves the question “is this really what I want to experience? Is this really the life I want?” The Universe has allowed us to spend the last while experimenting and choosing different ways of being and experiences. We each played with different ways of being and different personalities. Now we have to self-reflect and choose what we really want. The Universe is shifting, and what this means is that it is aligning and all of creation must fall into place, where it all belongs. We all have a higher and true self and it is this being that we must become so that when the universe does shift, we ourselves will be in alignment and will therefore shift to a reality that matches and resonates with our true frequency. This means we no longer will work and live lives that aren’t our own, but instead will act on our excitement every moment and won’t have to dream, we will be living our dreams. No longer will we spend our lives dreaming away of becoming or experiencing something but will rather only experience what we desire, what we previously would have “dreamed” for. The revelation is upon us, I have felt it slowly and quietly approach. We need to live in the now, that is always what we have been told, for the past and future don’t really exist. They are illusions in a way or at least false appearances, for all time exists in the present moment and can be accessed in the present moment. There is no such thing as “the past” but rather a set of parallel realities that hold the information and experience that is perceived by us humans as “the past”. It is part of the human and earth experience and a part of how we have been programmed to think and perceive that has made us think that time is linear. By thinking of tomorrow, the next hour, waiting for the minutes to tick by at work has distorted our image of time and let us fall down into the deep dark, weird depths of time… Something that really does not exist in the way that we think it does. It is true that time is speeding up and it is true that we have slowed it down. I believe that in some sense it relates to Terence Mckenna’s novelty theory; how in the beginning we were at a low point of novelty that increases with time and being pulled towards one point of unity- a singularity- when novelty has reached its’ highest point. It is similar with time. I find an interest in the expression “time is running out”, for I actually, maybe, do believe that it is. We are in a cycle, I always saw it as a story book of sorts; an inevitable tale, each of us playing out the prescribed roles and characters. The cycle must end, it has been known it will end. Reality itself is a code, a reflection, an intelligence. The revelation is upon us and really this means a time of self-reflection, opportunity for transformation and a time where all truth is revealed. The truth is no secret; you have known it before, many humans have walked the earth knowing, many have walked unaware, the secret itself is within in you and beheld all around you. It is always there; you don’t have to find it, you only have to notice it. It is just a delicate thing; for one has to follow the cycle. The revelation, the “end of times” is when the whole world will know the truth. There are different reasons for why some have known it, others not and why some have kept it secret and others have portrayed it in their art. It all has to do with human consciousness. Our entire history has been a birth, growing and awakening of consciousness. It is something that all of our souls wanted to experience and there are souls who have wanted to experience being completely submerged in a physical dream, they wanted to experience part of themselves and humanity. They wanted to know what it was like to forget themselves and then to remember and appreciate. There have been many journeys going on that could not be disturbed; if the truth were always just obvious and out there, then souls would not be able to go through the experience of forgetting, it is all part of the plan, it is all meant to be, it is all just a dream and you have full control of it at all times. You are the decider, the creator, the master magician. Lighten up, for all is OK, the seriousness, the gloom, is all about to lift away…


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