Understanding Yourself as an Empath

An empath is a highly intuitive and sensitive individual with the innate ability to sense, absorb and feel, in an amplified manner, the vibrations, emotions, thoughts and energies in the environment. It is truly life-changing, beneficial and transformative when empaths learn about their true nature and the way in which they are designed to operate, as this provides great relief and the opportunity to take advantage of their incredible gifts as opposed to feeling enslaved by them. I myself am an empath and my life changed when I discovered what this truly meant and it helped me to understand and become aware of the internal workings of my being.

Empaths may experience any one or more of these traits:

  • An extreme sensitivity to other people’s emotions and state of being.
  • Can become overwhelmed in crowded, busy and noisy environments.
  • Can experience difficulty in discerning their own emotions and state of being from those in their environment.
  • Can feel as though they are emotionally unstable or out of control.
  • Can feel over-extended by the needs and feelings of others.
  • Enjoy being in their own energy.
  • Experience a world of feelings, sensation and energy.

If this sounds like you, you may be an empath. Empath is just a more modern and commonly used word to describe an intuitive and energetically sensitive human being. We live in a world which has not provided us with a working manual or understanding of our unique individual selves and the way we are designed. Part of the current planetary and collective transformation sweeping across the globe is the re-discovery and re-kindling of all of our forgotten, ancient and timeless knowledge. This includes the re-awakening of our unique blueprints, life purpose and the way in which our present personality/identity/human genetic blueprint is designed. It is for this reason that the world has seen a major increase in the interest of astrology, numerology and other ancient systems such as the I-Ching and Mayan astrology as more and more people become aware of the truth and validity of these age-old systems of understanding ourselves and our purpose/place in the universe.

Because our old paradigm did not nurture the knowledge and awareness of the planets and our unique individual blueprints and designs, most people have lived their lives without any awareness as to their true identity or souls purpose. This creates many confusions and difficulties along our life path as we cannot fulfill our souls purpose if we have not yet explored what that purpose is. Discovering your life’s purpose and who you really are is a part of the same process as the two are tied together. Your human blueprint has been designed and carefully selected by your soul with the intention of fulfilling your soul’s purpose. This means that everything about your true identity has been carefully woven and designed in such a way to give you all you need to carry out your life purpose. This includes everything from the perception, logic, knowing, creativity and other significant and specific qualities that you need. Spiritual and soul awareness was suppressed in the old paradigm and it is for this reason that many empaths have resulted in feeling enslaved and victimized by their gifts as opposed to feeling empowered by them.

Empaths are often made to feel as though they are emotionally unstable and may even be labelled as emotionally unstable by family members or society. They can often feel in a sea of emotion and energy without being able to distinguish through it all. It is vital for empaths to awaken to their ability so that they do not get pushed around by the energies in their environment and so that they can be discerning about what is theirs and what is not. I know how limiting and dis-empowering it feels to feel like a canvas for the rest of the world to smear and blast their own energies and paint onto, and I know how empowering it is when you realise the truth of who you are, and that you are distinct and separate from the sea of energies that so often swims through you. If you can feel these energies and they are passing through you, there must be a Divine reason why they seek safety within you.

In this sense, empaths can somewhat be seen as ‘energetic transmuters’ when they know how to use their power. As an empath, one of the most crucial disciplines you absolutely need to adopt is the discipline of remaining detached and neutral. This gives you the ability to allow energies and emotions to pour through you without becoming identified or attached to any of them and without confusing any of them as your own energy or emotion. This cool detachment gives you the ability to interact with and respond to these sensations in a different, more healthy and transformative manner. Being an empath is not something that needs to slow you down or make you feel small, overwhelmed or debilitated- it is in fact an empowering and enlivening gift- one of your super powers!

Some of the advantages and gifts of being an empath include:

  • The ability to know exactly how others are feeling.
  • The ability to sense and accurately discern the energy or the ‘vibe’ of any environment or group of people.
  • Extreme sensitivity of other people means there is no fooling you and certainly no hiding or keeping secrets from you.
  • You have extra sharp sense perceptions.
  • You can smell hidden agendas a mile away.
  • You can sense dishonesty, disloyalty, mistrust, manipulation or any other self-serving traits.
  • You always know what’s going on with other people and this allows you to know how they truly feel.

As an empath, here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your ability and gift:

  • Spend time alone to release any energy that does not belong to you.
  • Spend time in nature to recharge and cleanse your energy field.
  • Choose living environments that are harmonious with your nature and where you will not feel overwhelmed by other peoples energy.
  • Practice disciplines that help you to stay detached, neutral and centered. Good recommendations include yoga, meditation, breathwork, exercise and creative expression.
  • Emotional awareness and the ability to self-regulate your emotions is crucial to your wellbeing, so find the best method that works for you.
  • Become more conscious of your ability so that you can be more discerning about which people and environments are a good fit for you and which are not.

If you are an empath; be kind and gentle with yourself and allow your awareness of your empathetic abilities to grow and expand so that you can make the most out of your divine gifts. Remember that the emotions, sensations and energies of the world and other people are not yours to take on or burden yourself with, and that this is a very special gift alerting you of what’s truly occurring in your environment and relationships.

With Love ❤


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