Work With Me

It is with great love and passion that I offer my services to assist you on your journey towards personal development, soul connection, optimal energy management, self-discovery, awakening and in achieving greater levels of health, joy, peace, creativity and success.

About Michaela:

I am a trained HeartMath facilitator as well as a qualified herbalist and energy healer. I am a self-made student of the universe and am dedicated to learning, researching and studying the true nature of life, reality, the universe, consciousness and human beings. Over the years I have studied subjects including nutrition, herbal medicine, the science of the heart, ancient teachings, metaphysics, human design, quantum physics, chemistry, astrology, spirituality, biochemistry, electricity, alchemy, sacred geometry, neuroscience and energy. I am a highly intuitive individual and work closely with my own inner guidance, higher self and subtle energies.

My focus is on the unfolding evolution and shift of the ages currently taking place upon the earth and within human consciousness. My work is dedicated to creating a bridge between science and spirituality, the old and the new, and helping to bridge various fields of study in order to show/prove, once and for all, that all is one.

I am passionate about assisting others in aligning with their life purpose and joy. I am able to provide guidance, information and understanding with regards to the current human evolution, awakening, life purpose and joining the wave of heart-based consciousness. It is my passion to assist others in awakening from the dream and becoming their true multidimensional selves. I would love to assist you in releasing all limitations and what holds you back from achieving/creating/manifesting your dreams.



Coaching Sessions:

Coaching sessions can be held online via Skype, or if you are based in Cape Town, South Africa- sessions can also be done in person.

Sessions are 60 minutes each.

In these sessions you will learn about the fascinating science and potential of your hearts intuitive intelligence and will learn how you can tap into and harness this intuitive awareness in order to make better decisions, have more clarity, experience harmonious relationships and tap into your intuition at will. You will also learn about optimal energy management and how to effectively manage and balance your life on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. You will learn about the science of the heart and will discover how you are an energetic being and how to optimize and best use this energy.

We will also work with any challenges or issues you may currently face and will work with reprogramming any outdated/unproductive/unhealthy beliefs, habits and ways of being.

I am also able to provide heart-rate-variability biofeedback assessments in person or guidance to those in farther places using their own HRV biofeedback devices.


Human Design / Astrology Readings:

I am a self-made student of the system of Human Design- a complex system based on a synergy of the chakra system, astrology, the I-Ching and the Kabbalah tree of life. In my own personal experience, Human Design has provided me with the richest, deepest and most specific interpretation of an astrological birthchart and is far more revealing than any other system I have come across. I am not a trained/qualified Human Design chart reader but I do however have a passion for helping others to come to greater levels of self-discovery and understanding and in aligning with their true joy, passion and purpose. I have also dedicated my time and energy to learning and studying the Human Design system and am able to provide an overview of what I can interpret from each chart. You are bound to discover revealing, enlightening and beneficial information to apply to your life.